The Biggest DevFest Ever Organized in the Northwest

The event exposed participants on how to use Google technologies such as: Google Machine Learning Read-use APIs, Progressive Web Apps, Firebase, and Android Material Design. Codelabs were hosted to guide participants on how to implement those technologies in their projects

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We've coverd key areas that inspired Innovation

Tensor Flow ; Am open Source Machine Learning, Google Vision APIs (Barcode, Face Detectuion and Label Detection), Progressive Web Apps, Firebase, and Android Material Design + more

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Top Speakers

Abdulrahman Sulaiman

Abdulrahman Sulaiman

Machine Learning

Ibrahim Adam Muhammad

Ibrahim Adam Muhammad


Aliyu Ibrahim Sulaiman

Aminu I. Sulaiman

Security in N

Muhammad JSIIT

Muhammad JSIIT

Android N

Aisha Zubair Kataki

Aisha Zubair Kataki

Women in Technology

Amina Muhammad

Amina Muhmud

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